I Surrender (Fighting Fear and Chasing Peace)


YA’LL!!!!! I KNOW!!! I really do.  I know what you’ve been saying – where in the world is Monique and new episodes of Soapbox Shenanigans?  It’s taken me a minute to get right.  In this episode I’m talking about fear and how it has been a driving force in my life over the last couple years and most specifically the last couple of months.  It is pervasive and wiggled its way into all areas of my life – personal, professional, and health wise.  I’m giving the raw, unedited, un-sanitized audio – you might hear me cry, you might hear me laugh, you might even hear me cuss – but I felt that you deserved vulnerability and truth!  I’m not always ok and that’s ok!  So listen, sit with me, feel the love I have for you and know – I’m chasing after peach and fighting fear because that is not how I want my life to be defined.  I want to be known as a fighter and a WINNER!  

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