Hi friends – my name is Monique and i’d like to welcome you to my new podcast, Soapbox Shenanigans.  I know you must be wondering who is this chick and why should I listen to her, so let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m the girl who says, I don’t chase after nobody but Jesus. 

The one who loves unicorns and calls people magical. 

I’m the first to get on a soapbox to talk about whatever issues that are on my spirit – the patriarchy, black women and how we are marginalized, or something as simple as my passion for travel and my need for mecations (I’ll explain what, why and how later)

I’m the first to tell you to kick rocks if step out of line, because like Tobe Nnwigwe said, Try Jesus, not me cuz I throw hands. 

My hugs are legendary, my tongue is lethal, but my heart is on my sleeve. 

I’m for my people, about my money, and love my Jesus! 

This is a platform for me to share with you my inner musings, yell on my soapbox, and possibly make some bad decisions with my crazy shenanigans while also giving space for black kings and queens to adjust their crowns and address the collective to elevate the amazing things people in my universe are doing. 

All are welcome, but don’t get it twisted – I’m Blackety black y’all and I’m proud! 

Well to my world – Let’s Go 

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