About My Money | Part II

About My Money | Part II (ft. House of A Financial) Soapbox Shenanigans

We’re back at it with Aliyah from House of A Financial diving deep into the world of budgeting, the emotional and mental adjustment that happens when you go from broke to bougie, and the high you get from setting up auto payments. You won’t want to miss the jewels we’re dropping on this episode!

About My Money | Part 1

About My Money | Part I (ft. House of A Financial) Soapbox Shenanigans

Ya'll know how I feel about my money.  We already talked about how I'm frugal bougie and like luxury on the cheap.  The next two episodes are a two part series on personal finance where we chat with Aliyah Wooten, founder of House of A financial.  In this episode we talk about what our families taught about money – cautionary tales and rules to live by – student loans, credit cards and scores and a lot more!

But Why Not?


Your girl made a big change!  I moved from the east coast to the midwest and I’m loving my life right now.  Listen to catch up on all that’s been happening over the last couple of months and learn how I made Tulsa, OK my new home.

The Emancipation of Mo Mo


It was One year, One month, and One week ago that Venus and I sat in Bischoff’s trying to figure out what we were meant to do in this world.  We both took interesting paths in 2020 as we continued on our journey of self discovery.  Listen in to learn about the ups, downs, toils and troubles that we experienced and how we made it out.  Not only did we make it out but we were VICTORIOUS and I’ve been emancipated!

Yo Momma


Women’s History Month got me all in my feelings about my momma.  I used to make fun of her for certain things and then one day I looked up and realized I’m just like her.  It’s ok.  I admit it.  I’m just like my mama and I dig it!  I’m also giving space to some Queens and princesses (my nieces) that deserve some light shown on their amazingness!

Internet Boyfriends – Bonus Episode


Sometimes you can’t fit it all in an episode. So if you want to hear about what we think about only fans pages and internet boyfriends, take a listen to this bonus track!

Frugal Bougie


Can ya’ll believe it?  Episode 1 is finally here.  I hope you find our girl talk and rambling entertaining lol.  My girl Venus and I are coming in hot with talk of Bridgerton, getting your body right, and being frugal bougie.  Listen to find out what shenanigans we get up to!

Welcome to my world!


Let’s get to know each other a little bit! Welcome to the crazy world of Monique. Sometimes I’m fast talking, free wheeling, and fun having. You’ll experience all these things in this quick intro!